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The Gadgetflow - Selfskie

The Gadgetflow - Selfskie

SELFSKIE – Attach Your Smartphone Or GoPro To Any Stick

By Ashley:

The all-round smartphone & GoPro mount that transforms any stick or ski pole or golf club and more into a Selfie stick or camera stand. Why bring a selfie-stick when you’re already holding a stick? The SELFSKIE is the world’s best all-in-one mount that allows you to use your Smartphone and GoPro on the stick you’re already using – such as your ski pole, golf club, umbrella or your fishing rod. Be creative. You’ll never need a selfie-stick again! It’s a very sturdy device that uses only durable, top quality materials. The SELFSKIE can be used even when you’re wearing (ski) gloves. If you prefer to use an action camera, they’ve got you covered.

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Le Monde De La Photo - Selfskie

Le Monde De La Photo - Selfskie


29/09/2016 | Sandrine Dippa

Le Selfskie est disponible en précommande sur Kickstarter. L’accessoire pouvant accueillir un smartphone ou une caméra d’action se fixe à n’importe quelle perche ou objet cylindrique de moins de 9 cm de diamètre (bâton de ski, club de golf…). Il est, entre autres, proposé avec une télécommande bluetooth compatible avec les téléphones sous iOS et Android. 

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