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Selfskie Lets You Transform Various Apparatus Into a Selfiestick.

The best selfie stick is the one you have with you.

For those too embarrassed to brandish a selfie stick when out in the wild, Selfskie have designed a covert solution that will transform any elongated rod into a monopod for your camera.

The product essentially acts as a tube mount which you can whip out and use for whatever occasion, provided there is a stick-shaped object nearby - just like a GoPro - but what makes Selfskie so interesting is that it also works with smartphones. The device can then be used be used with umbrellas, hockey sticks, golf clubs, hiking sticks, baseball bats, and swords providing you have one lying around.

The Selfskie features a locking mechanism that is said to hold a smartphone in place securely; however, whether or not it will be able to survive the impact of a golf swing remains unknown. A separate bluetooth remote is also available for taking snaps wirelessly when the selfie stick is being wielded around.

on 28 September 2016



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