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With a young and motivated team we have developed and tested the product and are very confident this is a practical and very fun gadget. We can’t wait to start manufacturing the SELFSKIE. The next stage requires an investment to build the moulds and start production. With your support SELFSKIE can help you take better pictures and make movies while practicing your favourite sport or hobby. 

  • Emelie - CEO - Founder
  • Sam - Design - Co–founder
  • Teun - Creative - Co–founder
  • Otto - Product - Co–founder

Emelie explains her motivation for SELFSKIE:

For the last 10 years I've worked in TV advertising and I was always intrigued by smart, easy, time-saving solutions. I was surprised when I saw skiers struggle to get out their clunky selfie-stick and make a group picture. I wondered.. Why bring a selfie-stick when you’re already using a ski pole? I couldn't believe there wasn't a clever, simple tool on the market that addressed this issue. I decided to quit my job and pursue my lifelong dream of creating a product myself. Luckily, some of the smartest people I know joined me. Sam is the best industrial designer I know. Teun's creative mind is constantly overflowing with ideas. Otto keeps a steady eye on the product and financing. Together we will make this dream come true!