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I never received it

Amazing product

So adaptable and really sturdy for the GoPro 8 on a hiking stick. Excited to try the phone out next time. If you ever offer this in orange and black....I’m a customer for life. Trying to think of other places to use this each time I’m doing something. Great product!!!

Love it!!!

Stays on the end of one of my hiking poles. Never gets in the way or falls off. Remote is light, small, and works great! It pairs with my iPhone for selfies and other pics. Love it!

Love it!

The engineering on this thing is so satisfyingly simple yet sturdy; I love it. I went searching for this exact type of thing a little while ago and was happy to see this product existed, better than I had imagined. 👍

Great an practical device

Lime White (green & white)

NOT arrived

I have NOT received my new Selfskie as of Dec. 18, 2019. My email address is wbelobraidich@bellsouth.net

Clever, Useful Product

A really simple and easy to use solution for a common need. Well worth the price to capture moments.


Easy to use! Absolutely awesome!


Just a shame that selfskie does not have a dedicated remote app for the camera.
The only app that works "360 Camera " is really poor unless you want ears or a teddy bears hat on.


It just arrive, so I haven’t had time to use it yet. It attached well the my trekking pole. Very simple to tighten and adjust. My Apple phone fits snugly. I hike Corbett trail next week end. Hopefully I’ll be able to resubmit. So far so good

Ski Poles

I love the selfskie. What would be even better is if you sold light weight 'extendable' ski poles too. That way I would get a wider angle shot of myself and not just my upper body in the frame

Quality product

Selfskie is quite expensive (especially shipping) for what it is at this point, but does make up for that with a sturdy design using quality materials. It's easy to attach to a pole, and is rubberised in the right spots so it will stay in place. The bluetooth remote works fine, just be careful not to hold the button too long or you might capture a burst of photos. Hopefully they will improve their distribution in the UK etc to make delivery cheaper.

Pretty Convenient Device

I tried another brand device first, and that one fell apart. I've had a Selfskie on my ski pole for almost 3 months now. It's great to be able to get some background scenery into our selfies, and the Selfskie delivers!


Such a simple idea, and very handy! I’ve never used a “selfie stick” and have ridiculed those who do. But I’ve placed this on one of my trekking poles and use it frequently while backpacking. It’s not just handy for selfies but lets me get camera angles I can’t reach by hand, and lets me use the pole as a monopod to get stable shots in low light.
I haven’t even used the remote (I just use the phone controls like normal), but the mechanical device works well and is holding up very well.

Excellent design. Very pleased with this product

Excellent design for skiing. Used often. Perfect for the piste.

Top quality and service

The Selfskie is beautifully designed and works just as advertised. It arrived in only a few days to my address in Canada. I will be using it on ski poles, hiking poles, canoe paddles and random sticks in the back country. Also made a little adapter with a wine cork so I can use it to attach my phone to a mini tripod. No more arms-length pics in the back country!