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  • Emelie - CEO - Founder
  • Sam - Design - Co–founder
  • Teun - Creative - Co–founder
  • Otto - Product - Co–founder

Emelie explains her motivation for SELFSKIE:

For the last 10 years I've worked in TV advertising and I was always intrigued by smart, easy, time-saving solutions. I was surprised when I saw skiers struggle to get out their clunky selfie-stick and make a group picture. I wondered.. Why bring a selfie-stick when you’re already using a ski pole? I couldn't believe there wasn't a clever, simple tool on the market that addressed this issue. I decided to quit my job and pursue my lifelong dream of creating a product myself. Luckily, some of the smartest people I know joined me. In my opinion, Sam is the best industrial designer I know. Teun's creative mind is constantly overflowing with ideas. Otto keeps a steady eye on the product and financing. Together we will make this dream come true.